• ILS007 Ships 3rd in the WCOOP $700 6-Max for $82,000!!

    ILS007 continued a huge 2014 year with a 3rd place finish in the WCOOP $700 6-Max Progressive Knock Out tournament for $82,000! This comes after he became the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite on PokerStars this year.

  • ILS007 Featured on the Mindset Advantage Podcast

    April 2018

    ILS007 is a guest pro on The Mindset Advantage Podcast - check it out here: The Mindset Advantage Podcast with Ivan 'ILS007' Stokes

  • The Preflop Blueprint: 6-Max NLHE Released!

    Just released: The Preflop Blueprint: 6-Max NLHE, an unprecedended multiplayer solution for NLHE has just been released. For more details please check out the Poker Software page.

  • ILS007 Sixth-Fastest Player in World to Reach Supernova Elite

    ILS007 becomes the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite status on PokerStars in 2014.

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The Preflop Blueprint: 6-Max PLO OUT NOW

Learn to win at SNG poker using ILS007's poker videos, advanced poker study tips and SNG secrets from a successful poker coach

Sit and go poker is a quick and exciting way to play poker online. Sit n go games start quickly since they begin as soon as enough players have registered to start the tournament.

The best way to learn SNG poker is through professional poker videos authored by a poker teacher. ILS007 is one of the very best poker coaches in the world, and uses ICM software and advanced poker knowledge to help you crush sit and go poker.

Check out the GROUNDBREAKING sit and go poker courses he has developed to help you win at poker!!


ICMIZER is the most profit-generating piece of poker software for SNG players -  I can absolutely say this software has helped me generate well into six-figures worth of profit. If you don't have ICMIZER, you really are throwing away enormous amounts of equity (don't do that!). Here's why:

  • ICMIZER is the most accurate and sophisticated ICM Calculator EVER created - by a long way! You can input any custom range of hands you like, which is the biggest breakthrough surpassing SNGWiz which used standard Sklansky ranges. These are often way different to the ranges players are applying in-game.
  • ICMIZER is quick and intuitive - you can create custom range that can be inputted automatically in the future, saving lots of time.
  • ICMIZER lets you save your analysis - allowing you to create a great reference guide for study and revision of analysis.
  • ICMIZER calculates situations more accurately than any other ICM calculator. It also offers the use of an alternate model to the standard ICM model, for comparison and alternative analysis.

Below is an in-depth video I recently made explaining why ICMIZER is a must-have software for SNG players:


You can find ICMIZER here: ICMIZER Homepage



: The Innovative Poker Study Tool

Analyzer is an innovate poker study tool that automatically finds the hand histories you are needing to study. Simply enter the requirements you are looking for, and a hand history file ready to play through with Universal Replayer is created. Not only that, but the file can be automatically emailed to you or your staker/coach for their instant access.


  • Table Position
  • Initial PreFlop Action
  • Buyin Range
  • Big Blind Level
  • Stack Size (BBs)
  • M Range
  • Chips Won/Lost
  • Chips in play at table
  • 3Hands in tournament
  • Players left at table
  • Hero Busts

It's super easy to set up and start using in seconds, check out this video made by ILS007, 2011 Supernova Elite and professional poker coach, which guides you through getting set up and how to get the most out of the poker study tool:



Expert automatic table sitting software for heads-up SNGs. Avoid regs and gain thousands of dollars of equity - a must-have used by all the top HU SNG grinders.

Get an exclusive 15% discount only available from PPV by using the code ppv and email referral ivan@professionalpokervideos.com


You can find SharkyStrator here: SharkyStrator Homepage




PokerStove - A great free poker software for finding out the equity of one starting hand versus another, or the equity of a hand versus another post-flop. A must-have for professional poker players and SNG poker.

Universal Replayer - Another great free poker software for looking through hand histories you play. Just drag the hand history text file from your hand history folder over the top of the Universal Replayer screen and voila!

Got a great poker tool/software you think I should list here? Please email enquiry (at) professionalpokervideos.com. Please note every tool or software I recommend on the site I personally recommend and believe is hugely valuable.