• ILS007 Ships 3rd in the WCOOP $700 6-Max for $82,000!!

    ILS007 continued a huge 2014 year with a 3rd place finish in the WCOOP $700 6-Max Progressive Knock Out tournament for $82,000! This comes after he became the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite on PokerStars this year.

  • Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs Series Released!

    The eagerly awaited Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs series has been released, offering a comprehensive and affordable training resource for players aspiring to become expert 6-max hyper SNG players. For more details please check out the Poker Courses page.

  • ILS007 Sixth-Fastest Player in World to Reach Supernova Elite

    ILS007 becomes the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite status on PokerStars in 2014.

  • SNG Excellence 18-Man Coaching Series: OUT NOW!

    The eagerly-awaited release of ILS007's follow-up SNG Excellence coaching series has arrived! You can check out the course on the Poker Courses page

  • Latest News!

    Starting Out in SNGs Coaching Series Released!

    $22,397 says Sooo Tilted Crushes 18-Man SNGs!!

    BigTunna99 ships FIFTH Battle of the Planets victory!!

  • NEW: Article Corner

    Article Corner has been launched on the Forum exclusively for members of the Poker Courses, containing premium poker articles written by ILS007.

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Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs OUT NOW

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